Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marc by Marc Jacobs- Work can be fun!

Hi junkies! Gaby speaking :) I'm sorry I haven't really been around... studying at night, and working full time at Marc Jacobs takes up all my free time. But I promise to dedicate more time to writing to you all.

Here are some photos of my favorite pieces in the store. These are all new collection (summer 2012). And there are so many vibrant fun colors in this collection.

I love working for Marc Jacobs because I get to be around the all this beautiful clothing (and the employee discount isn't too shabby either) hehe


Gaby <3

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A splash of orange

Here we have some tops of mine that have a hint of orange. Before, I used to absolutely hate the color orange in my wardrobe.However, lately this year I have begun to purchase a few orange hued items. At first it was a bit hard to get used to this new change, and I will admit, I have only actually worn these tops once or twice because I have a lot of trouble being able to pair them with bottoms other than black leather leggings.

The Doors tops is something I bought from It was a vintage item, and you can find many just like this. However, I would prefer to take a different approach and just go out and buy a Regular rock t shirt, Tie dye it and then shred up the back my self. Simple.

The next shirt, is from a designer I found in Brooklyn ( By accident) one night when I was lost trying to find a subway station ( this was all before I decided to join in on the smart phone gang). I had gone that evening to look at a room to rent near by, and lost track of how to get back home. So I wondered around Brooklyn trying to figure this out on my own. Eventually, I walked past her store, which is located at 56 Bogart street ( across the street from the Morgan L train in Brooklyn) and was immediately drawn into her shop like a fly. Everything in there was incredibly amazing. You must check it out, if not then you can always give her website a visit, she does shipping, however there is a lot more in the shop.

My favorite part about this top is that it shows off my tattoo. I don't think I can have enough tops that show the mandala on my back.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The aftermath

I have disappeared for the weekend. Me and my roommates threw a massive house party on Friday night. Things definitely got out of control. Everything was trashed, and we have been spending the rest of the weekend trying to put everything back together. By Monday morning, everything should be done. I definitely wont be throwing a party as big as that for a very long time. Either way, I picked out another outfit. I should start posting Photos of me actually wearing he clothes. soon to come!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Another day another outfit. This sweater is incredibly comfortable. if I could get away with wearing it everyday, then I would go for it. Unfortunately I get bored of wearing the same things after a day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

older days

Today got a bit chilly, so I decided to go for a more chilled out jumper. Both these jumpers look good with the shorts, but I felt like using a bit of color so I choose the blue one from h&m. The necklace is Also from H&M.

Also this blazer is one of my favorites.The shape and cut of it looks really well with my petite frame. I bought this at forever21.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Fun-day

Today is a national holiday here in the states, known as presidents day. Most lucky people including myself are off work. in such a case like this, I use these valuable days to catch up on stuff which I didn't have the time to over the weekend. such as errands.  I will most likely have to run into the city today to  pass by my school to sort out a few documents.  I am almost finished with my degree ( fashion management and merchandising) so I am starting to stress out about the real world once it comes to me.  I have a few ideas of the types of positions I would like to apply to but I am still not yet sure of it.

anyways, on a day like this I would normally wear something a little more relaxed compared to my previous post. i have this nice sherling jacket I bought at forever21 a month or 2 ago. it was such a great buy, I get so many compliments on it! and this dress I bought online at It have a very classy look to it and the colors go well together between the jacket and dress.

To put the outfit together a little better according to the NYC weather, I would wear some black tights, my sand suede colored doc martens and a scarf. But which scarf is the tricky part.... I have so many to chose from.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend outfits

I am sorry we have not been updating the blog recently. Both me and my sister have been extremely busy. However, we have good news!I recently puchased a new camera ( Canon Rebel T3) and will most surely be be posting photos taken by myself and my sister of new items, outfits, street wear and whatever else you would like to see.

So, continuing on...

This weekend was a pretty good weekend. I have finally moved to Brooklyn, in which during the weekends there is usualy a few good events to attend to. Fashion week has been going on, however I was not able to attend because it collided with my work days. On Saturday there was the Williamsburg fashion show. I had planed to attend their after party, I heard it was pretty fun but instead I took a calm night out with my friends. In this case, choosing outfits for a weekend outing if my favorite. Because the weekends are the only time of the week that I can really dress up in clothing that other wise would be inappropriate for my office. : D

I had chosen to take out my Levis vintage cut off shorts which I bought on ebay last year. I have not worn them in  forever and was missing them very much. I guess I must have gotten a bit tired of them since I was practically living in them this summer.

The top is a new top I bought from forever21 about two weeks ago on a shopping trip with my sister (I am really liking the peter pan collars lately) She came to New York to visit for a week so of course we had do some shopping together.

 I purchased the shoes  from I must say, this website is wonderful for finding shoes that are on trend. They have daily new merchandise and the prices are extremely wonderful. and another point to mention- the quality is good! i bought these shoes a year ago and have worn them many times and yet they are still in good condition.

By the way, pay close attention to the presidents sales!!! many stores will be offering some good sales that have started by the weekend and will continue on until midnight Feb 20th. I just purchased 2 cute dresses for 20% off which I will post next weekend.