Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sushi Restaurants, Lisbon

Hey Junkies! I am dedicating this post to my favorite type of cuisine, which is Sushi.
This post will update you on my favorite dishes, and restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal. Try them out, and leave comments!

Photographer:: Duarte Mayer

Photographer:: Duarte Mayer

Photographer:: Duarte Mayer

Photographer:: Duarte Mayer

Photographer:: Duarte Mayer

Confraria Lx::
MY favorite dishes are the Gyozas, Ceviche Jô, Uramaki Panko, Ebi Tempura and Spicy Salmon Maki.

Try them! Sooo yummy :)

Confraria Lx::

Estado Liquido::
Thanks to my lovely boyfriend, I finally got the chance to try out Estado Liquido. It's kind of expensive, but so worth it.
I suggest trying the Soft Shell Crab Maki, Spicytuna Home Sushi, and the Hot Philidelphia!

Sensei Lounge:: 
Hot Philidelphia 

Sensei Lounge::
Sensei Lounge is a cheap alternative if your looking for a restaurant with a great buffet system.
You pay 20€ and you can get all you can eat sushi, including Hot Philidelphia! The fish is fresh and they have a restaurant in Santos and Cascais.

Sushi Café Amoreiras::
Whenever I go shopping I always get these crazy cravings for sushi.
Sushi Café have great quality fish and a huge menu to choose from!
I allllways like to order a Yakisoba noodles because they are fast and yummy.
Sushi-Ya is located in Ajuda in Lisbon. The restaurant is so chic, and it has a beautifully romantic mise-en-scene.
I always order the Spicy Tuna, Gyozas, Hot Sushi-Ya Grelhado and Fresh Sushi.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Romantic princess

The romantic look is perfect this season with florals and an LBD

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Iv been seeing allot of flag details lately during my online purchasing spree.  I am loving the little flag details for this spring. 

Try it with a hippie side


Soft Vs Edgy

One of my favorite styles is mixing soft looks with an edgy look. Put some florals with some leather and studs!


Mix a look like this with some lace or florals for spring

These pink litas will create an instant soft look to an edgy outfit

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jean Shorts

The Spring Review for 2011 is used jean shorts. I love them because it's so care free and boho-chic, and I love to be comfortable.
You can dress it up by using high heels, with some tights and a fresh top (my favorite colors right now is, creme, peach, light pastel colors and navy).
Or you can dress it down by using a plaid button up shirt, and ray bans.

Enjoy ♥ 

Spring Review:: Big pants!! ♥

Flare Jeans

Derek Lam:: Flare Jeans

Jessica Alba:: Audrina Patridge:: Kourtney Kardashian:: Flare Jeans

Blake Lively:: I love her fresh style and her balloon pants

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fashion Junkies:: Spring Inspirations 2011 ♥
H&M have a very similar jacket in a variety of colors! Check it out!

Creative way to store your scarves!