Monday, April 9, 2012

Festival wear- Boom festival 2012

Festival season is coming up, so I have started to collect some gear for the festivals I plan to go to this summer. Being that I am Portuguese and currently residing in New York to obtain my degree in fashion merchandising, I plan to return home to portugal this summer to attend BOOM FESTIVAL. If you guys haven't heard of this festival yet, you should definitely check it out at This is a festival dedicated towards underground. It focuses most on psy trance however there is other music from all around the world, djs that we don't hear on the radio but might find if we search deeply within the community.

I try to go to one of these festivals at least once a year, hopefully around the world because these festival for the most part are international. people who travel from all over the world just for these experiences, and I am telling you is is very worth it. The most beautiful hippies, the best food, best music and  good peaceful vibes. I have met so many amazing people in these festivals, that if I traveled to any country by now I would have some one I must visit.

Anyways, back to the point of fashion...I pretty much know what I should be packing for this festival - bikinis, bikinis and more bikinis... Portugal is extremely hot ( thankfully boom in on a massive lake), I doubt wearing clothes on the dance floor is possible. However during the evening it gets a bit chilly ( boom festival is dessert weather). So this is an outfit I will probably take with me.

A floral crown I bought on I saw that had styled their models with floral crowns from their spring new arrivals so I got the idea from them ( they look amazing with rocker shirts). The top is from nasty gall too, I bought it on sale :D! the fabric is supper smooth and sleek, so the top is overall very comfortable.

The shorts, I have posted about before a few months ago, which I bought online at ebay.

my feather earring has a lot of sentimental value to me as I purchased it in OZORA festival, ( another  festival like boom in Hungary, best memories of my life!). I have a habit of buying large feather earrings in these festivals as they have so many pretty ones for cheap prices because feather earrings are definitely part of the fashion in these festivals along with a lot of tribal styles.

As for shoes.... I choose to go barefoot...dancing on the dance floor on the soft sand isn't the same with chunky shoes or flip flips.