Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tigers and festivals

Here is a casual outfit that I choose to wear for either a beach day or at  a music festival. The converse shoes go perfect for a festival outfit as they are super comfortable for long hours of dancing. They are something I must pack with me for the festivals I plan to attend this summer. Also, this top is jsut completly awesome. I bought it from Forever21 for a sweet price ( around 8 dollers or so).  If I mix it up with a  printed red headscarf tied aroudn my head in 70's style, this outfit would look pretty nice for festivals as its all kind of funky. Besides, the tigers are pretty original. I have seen tons of prints this season but mostly with florals. The tiger print is something different so it will stand out, and its supper cute.

Friday, May 25, 2012

New pink blazer

I got this new blazer from forever21, I am completly in love with it because the color looks amazing on my skin tone. I also finaly got a pair of white converse, becaus ei simply need to go-to shoes, and i have been wearing them everyday since. The skirt is from forever21 aswell, and I like how I can dress it up girlie like how it is pictured above, or I can make it kinda 90s grundge with a rocker tee and the new jeffrey campbell coltranes.

The iphone case was a really cheap one that I found on amazon, and the purfume is called lolita lempicka, supper sweet smell!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Leopard print

Heres a new dress I got from h&m. It was super cheap,around 12 dollars, so I had to grab it. I feel the combination between the print and the color of the blouse look amazing. My lovely sister got me this blouse for my birthday last year, so i felt it was time to give it another wear. I think I should either wear this outfit with my white converse or brown loafers.

Xoxo alexa

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New shoes

Sorry I have not been posting that much, I was really busy with work :(. Anyways, the weather is getting pretty warm, so I did a bit of shopping for
Some summer clothes. One of my main purchases this month which I have been wanting for a long time is the jeffrey campbell coltranes, and this cross mesh body suit from miss selfridges. I love the whole grunge look for evening wear, so ill be wearing these out a lot on a typical friday night out.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Today/Tonight's outfit!! I am about to head out to a event today which is going throughout the afternoon into the late hours of the night, so I put a little something together.  The top and necklace I bought at urban outfitters. I love this new choker necklace, I cant get enough of them. If you go to the urban outfitters online store you can purchase the necklace in either silver or gold for only 12 dollars on sale!! so hurry now before it sells out.  :)

Shorts- vintage cut off shorts from eBay
top- urban outfitters
Necklace- urban outfitters

I am still trying to figure out what shoes to wear, I seriously cant wait for my new Jeffrey Campbell coltranes to arrive in the mail. I am going to wear them to death.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New dress- dream prints

Here is a new dress I purchased from asos for a very good price.I was just browsing their site not planning to buy anything and then I found this dress,and fell soooo in love with it! It was only 26 dollars so I just went for it because I knew it would sell out fast in which it did, a few days later it was gone.So I am glad I didnt wait.

My favorite thing about this dress is the print!! Its so dreamy, reminds me of where I would imagine to be if i was somewhere deep in my mind during a dream. It also looks great on my skinny frame, I would post a photo but I am still trying to get over this camera shyness.

I would wear this dress with either the boots posted in the photo ( jeffrey campbell) or some type of black boots. I think the jeffrey campbell coltranes would look amazing with this dress,I have to save up for those!!+ also with a gold or silver choker,90s styled would make this outfit complete to its style.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday's outfit

Here is a simple outfit from tuesday. I wore this printed dress from urban outfitters, and this ring is something i found at my house after our house party. No one has claimed it missing, so I suppose I am going to "babysit" it :D