Friday, April 27, 2012

House party

So, friday night last weekend we threw a massive house party dedicated towards our friend lily,whom is moving away. Loads of people showed up,we had 2 amazing djs (game boy sebastian and metagame) play.It was game boy Sebastian's first time djing,and he really did an amazing job. Hopefully in the future he will make a fb page for us all to keep updated with his upcoming work.

I am in the first picture,with a black skirt from forever21and a printed skull Shirt from urban outfitters.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Steve madden NEON

Recently, a new Steve Madden store just opened up a block away from my school on 5th avenue. This is definitely a  task to be able to walk past and not go inside. I seem to fall in there like Alice in the rabbit hole.. and then I get stuck in there which i\I end up buying stuff I shouldn't be buying.

So here we have a result of my weakness to Steve Madden- a great wallet and a pair of shoes with a hint of pink neon. definitely looks great for spring, It was so worth it. I like to pair this with a bag I got at urban outfitters in bright yellow. I feel the small hints of bright colors/neon look really great for spring/summer.I was getting so tired of the grey/black trend of NYC. these people need some damn color, LOTS of it please.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hi dolls!

This post is dedicated to Primark! I went a little crazy last weekend, and I bought a bunch of stuff. As the Spring weather is florishing, I thought my closet needed some color. Winter makes me so depressed and all I do is buy grey and black clothing. But I went to Primark with a mission, and I found a bunch of cute tops for a very accessible price. I especially love the floral "chiffon" top. It's my favorite! I can't wait until the sun is out to wear it.

I also love the moccassins I bought. They are super comfortable and they basically go with everything. I am really into flat shoes at the moment.

I also fell in love with my little wannabe "Alexander McQueen" scarf. I love it because its red, and it gives a lot of contrast to any outfit. I have been using it a lot with my short black motorcycle jacket, white t-shirt and white ankle high all stars. It's super punk rock, and fun! And you can always dress it up with some red lips ;) 

I also want to start buying more summer dresses. I am seeing a lot of knit beige dresses, and I think they are so cute for the Spring! I am not too much of a girly girl, so I hardly buy dresses. But I plan to buy more of these kind of dresses when the weather gets warmer. This dress would look perrrrfect with a light jean jacket, and some cute open sandals. Can't wait for summer!!!!

<3 Gaby xoxo

All items:  Primark

Monday, April 9, 2012

Festival wear- Boom festival 2012

Festival season is coming up, so I have started to collect some gear for the festivals I plan to go to this summer. Being that I am Portuguese and currently residing in New York to obtain my degree in fashion merchandising, I plan to return home to portugal this summer to attend BOOM FESTIVAL. If you guys haven't heard of this festival yet, you should definitely check it out at This is a festival dedicated towards underground. It focuses most on psy trance however there is other music from all around the world, djs that we don't hear on the radio but might find if we search deeply within the community.

I try to go to one of these festivals at least once a year, hopefully around the world because these festival for the most part are international. people who travel from all over the world just for these experiences, and I am telling you is is very worth it. The most beautiful hippies, the best food, best music and  good peaceful vibes. I have met so many amazing people in these festivals, that if I traveled to any country by now I would have some one I must visit.

Anyways, back to the point of fashion...I pretty much know what I should be packing for this festival - bikinis, bikinis and more bikinis... Portugal is extremely hot ( thankfully boom in on a massive lake), I doubt wearing clothes on the dance floor is possible. However during the evening it gets a bit chilly ( boom festival is dessert weather). So this is an outfit I will probably take with me.

A floral crown I bought on I saw that had styled their models with floral crowns from their spring new arrivals so I got the idea from them ( they look amazing with rocker shirts). The top is from nasty gall too, I bought it on sale :D! the fabric is supper smooth and sleek, so the top is overall very comfortable.

The shorts, I have posted about before a few months ago, which I bought online at ebay.

my feather earring has a lot of sentimental value to me as I purchased it in OZORA festival, ( another  festival like boom in Hungary, best memories of my life!). I have a habit of buying large feather earrings in these festivals as they have so many pretty ones for cheap prices because feather earrings are definitely part of the fashion in these festivals along with a lot of tribal styles.

As for shoes.... I choose to go barefoot...dancing on the dance floor on the soft sand isn't the same with chunky shoes or flip flips.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bleach pants

Lately iv been really into bleach dyed clothing. As you may have seen from one of my earlier posts, I had bought a Top that was bleach dyed. I am absolutely in love with it.

My friend wore this out a few weekends ago, I haven't managed to post it until now. She says  she acidently got a bit of bleach on her pants, liked how it looked so she added some more.  I really like it, especially the way she put it together with a simple white top and red lipstick. For those of you who want to do this, the process is pretty simple. Just splash some bleach on the areas you would like until it turns a shade like this, and then wash it out. You can find many tutorials on how to do this on youtube.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Red lips x pink floyd

I have to show off this new flask I got from urban outfitters. This is a good outfit to wear to a small  party over the weekend with some heels. The flask is a fantastic flirt tool because you can just go to any cute boy if you have the guts and "kiss" him. At first you get a weird look but then they laugh and voila... your talking and he takes your number because you look cute in your outfit and have a great sense of humor.!!

now.. which heels?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Button up dress

My favorite outfit from this week! I wore this out on Saterday night to a nice party. I felt supper great in it because I love how the blues of the dress and its prints match super well with the blazer. I got this dress online at the urban outfitters online store as it is sold only online, and this blazer from forever21. The bag is also from urban outiftters but I bought it  about 2 years ago.