Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hi dolls!

This post is dedicated to Primark! I went a little crazy last weekend, and I bought a bunch of stuff. As the Spring weather is florishing, I thought my closet needed some color. Winter makes me so depressed and all I do is buy grey and black clothing. But I went to Primark with a mission, and I found a bunch of cute tops for a very accessible price. I especially love the floral "chiffon" top. It's my favorite! I can't wait until the sun is out to wear it.

I also love the moccassins I bought. They are super comfortable and they basically go with everything. I am really into flat shoes at the moment.

I also fell in love with my little wannabe "Alexander McQueen" scarf. I love it because its red, and it gives a lot of contrast to any outfit. I have been using it a lot with my short black motorcycle jacket, white t-shirt and white ankle high all stars. It's super punk rock, and fun! And you can always dress it up with some red lips ;) 

I also want to start buying more summer dresses. I am seeing a lot of knit beige dresses, and I think they are so cute for the Spring! I am not too much of a girly girl, so I hardly buy dresses. But I plan to buy more of these kind of dresses when the weather gets warmer. This dress would look perrrrfect with a light jean jacket, and some cute open sandals. Can't wait for summer!!!!

<3 Gaby xoxo

All items:  Primark