Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nasty Gal accessories


Hey guys! So finally, I am able to start updating the blog again. I’ve been so absent because I am in my very last term for school which means both me and my sister have been very busy trying to complete assignments,keep up to date with internships and in general keep everything on track.

I have great news by the way. I just started an internshipworking as a fashion showroom PR for David Meister. This is something I havebeen incredibly happy about because this is my very first step into the fashionbusiness aside from this blog and the classes I take at college. I must say I loveevery bit of it. The experience I am able to gain, the colleagues and thepeople who I get to meet are definitely something which is a big help to me.

Some more good news: My sister is coming to visit me in NYC.We have both been collaborating towards this blog together, so finally now thatwe are in the big city together, you can expect some new blog post featuringboth me and her on our journeys around the city. Luckily, she will be hereduring fashion week so we can definitely expect some kickass street style inthe area! So keep a look out as there will be some posts featuring her entirevisit.
Apart from all this great news,  I have been going through new collections on a weekly basis, drooling over everything and just wishing thatone day I could own the entire collection or run a store like this. Their doinga fantastic job! I noticed that some of their items have a type of 90's feel tothem which is definitely a trend that I will never get sick of.

Above I posted two different outfits featuring just their accessorieswhich have the whole 90s vibe to them, which i then mixed with apparel from topshop and river island.