Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Outfit of the day

Hey guys!
So here I have put together an outfit for today. I bought this new shirt from Brandy Melville after seeing it a few weeks ago and falling in love with it. As you probably know, I love any shirts with the moon print on them. I already own a few which you can check out from earlier blog posts.

However, the most important part is theese jeans from Its been months since I had bought new jeans. I feel that one should only own 2 pairs and that's it. Considering I have been wearing the same pair of jeans religiously that I bought the last year and  half, I thought it was time to get a fresh new pair.

I choose a high waist, acid wash skinny jean because I feel this shape and color best suits my body type. My short legs don't look so good with anything mid rise or below. By wearing high waist, it gives the illusion that my legs are longer and not to mention to tightness of them make my a$$ look fantastic!

By the way, Shu Uemura is having a black friday sale, so get your hands on their fantastic deals this Thursday November 22 through Tuesday november 27 by typing in the following code at the check out-

20% off plus free shipping on orders of 50$ or more

They are also doing a collaboration with Karl Lagerfield in which they have some pretty cute lipstick designs so do check that out too !

Here is one of my personal favorites

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