Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Steve madden NEON

Recently, a new Steve Madden store just opened up a block away from my school on 5th avenue. This is definitely a  task to be able to walk past and not go inside. I seem to fall in there like Alice in the rabbit hole.. and then I get stuck in there which i\I end up buying stuff I shouldn't be buying.

So here we have a result of my weakness to Steve Madden- a great wallet and a pair of shoes with a hint of pink neon. definitely looks great for spring, It was so worth it. I like to pair this with a bag I got at urban outfitters in bright yellow. I feel the small hints of bright colors/neon look really great for spring/summer.I was getting so tired of the grey/black trend of NYC. these people need some damn color, LOTS of it please.