Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A splash of orange

Here we have some tops of mine that have a hint of orange. Before, I used to absolutely hate the color orange in my wardrobe.However, lately this year I have begun to purchase a few orange hued items. At first it was a bit hard to get used to this new change, and I will admit, I have only actually worn these tops once or twice because I have a lot of trouble being able to pair them with bottoms other than black leather leggings.

The Doors tops is something I bought from www.etsy.com. It was a vintage item, and you can find many just like this. However, I would prefer to take a different approach and just go out and buy a Regular rock t shirt, Tie dye it and then shred up the back my self. Simple.

The next shirt, is from a designer I found in Brooklyn ( By accident) one night when I was lost trying to find a subway station ( this was all before I decided to join in on the smart phone gang). I had gone that evening to look at a room to rent near by, and lost track of how to get back home. So I wondered around Brooklyn trying to figure this out on my own. Eventually, I walked past her store, which is located at 56 Bogart street ( across the street from the Morgan L train in Brooklyn) and was immediately drawn into her shop like a fly. Everything in there was incredibly amazing. You must check it out, if not then you can always give her website a visit, she does shipping, however there is a lot more in the shop. http://www.marymeyerclothing.com/

My favorite part about this top is that it shows off my tattoo. I don't think I can have enough tops that show the mandala on my back.