Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Fun-day

Today is a national holiday here in the states, known as presidents day. Most lucky people including myself are off work. in such a case like this, I use these valuable days to catch up on stuff which I didn't have the time to over the weekend. such as errands.  I will most likely have to run into the city today to  pass by my school to sort out a few documents.  I am almost finished with my degree ( fashion management and merchandising) so I am starting to stress out about the real world once it comes to me.  I have a few ideas of the types of positions I would like to apply to but I am still not yet sure of it.

anyways, on a day like this I would normally wear something a little more relaxed compared to my previous post. i have this nice sherling jacket I bought at forever21 a month or 2 ago. it was such a great buy, I get so many compliments on it! and this dress I bought online at It have a very classy look to it and the colors go well together between the jacket and dress.

To put the outfit together a little better according to the NYC weather, I would wear some black tights, my sand suede colored doc martens and a scarf. But which scarf is the tricky part.... I have so many to chose from.