Thursday, May 3, 2012

New dress- dream prints

Here is a new dress I purchased from asos for a very good price.I was just browsing their site not planning to buy anything and then I found this dress,and fell soooo in love with it! It was only 26 dollars so I just went for it because I knew it would sell out fast in which it did, a few days later it was gone.So I am glad I didnt wait.

My favorite thing about this dress is the print!! Its so dreamy, reminds me of where I would imagine to be if i was somewhere deep in my mind during a dream. It also looks great on my skinny frame, I would post a photo but I am still trying to get over this camera shyness.

I would wear this dress with either the boots posted in the photo ( jeffrey campbell) or some type of black boots. I think the jeffrey campbell coltranes would look amazing with this dress,I have to save up for those!!+ also with a gold or silver choker,90s styled would make this outfit complete to its style.