Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baroque print


Iv been searching high and low for the perfect pair of baroque print trousers. I had found some AMAZING ones in Topshop, but they were slightly pricey and I know I am very skilled at finding a great bargain so I had decided not to act on my impulses and wait. It was definitely worth the wait as I found these pants by accident on my way to class. Their from LOFT NYC, and they were on sale. I think I paid around 60 dollars for them compared to the original price which was around 80 dollars.  I am surprised I found them in this store because I walk passed that store on a daily basis in which I never notice anything of my style in that store.  Thankfully, their all mine now!

As for the shoes,  Iv been seeing a lot of girls wearing these high wedge sneakers. At first I wasn't too into them because I felt they looked kinda weird.. but they grew on me. I love this type of sporty shoe mixed with a dressy outfit such as these pants. I feel they give a good twist to any outfit rather than just regular boots that you would expect in fall/winter seasons. These are from Steve madden, there's also some really awesome other colors available such as brown, or a combination of 2 colors.

Shoes -

Pants -